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Silicone RTV Mold Making rubber platinum cure "50A" 4.4lb kit 1:1 mix

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ZA 50LT (dark blue) MOULD is a bi-component addition (platinum) cured RTV silicone rubber which vulcanizes at room temperature. Because of its considerable fluidity, it is recommended for the duplication of models with many undercuts. This FIRM durometer of 50A is desired for making fine jewelery molds.

ONE to ONE mix ratio does not have to be weighed. Very low viscosity of 20,000 cps (Hershey's Chocolate Syrup) Easy to mix and pour - About 2-3 minutes to mix.

High chemical resistance to the aggressive components of some types of resin
High resistance to laceration (this characteristic guarantees high resistance to wear and tear)

High level of accuracy in reproducing very small particulars
High dimensional stability over time and non-deformability
Considerable resistance to high temperatures and to ageing
Excellent non-stick effect
Soft, stretchy, high tear resistance,
Will not shrink in service
PLATINUM CURE for HIGH PRECISION Jewelery & Architectural molds - - Highest quality in the world.

Room temp cure FAST SET TIME OF ABOUT 3 Hours. Will not shrink in service.

Shore hardness of "50A "

All of the following are commonly cast into this silicone:

Urethane (polyurethane)
Polyester casting resin
Hydrocal, Hydrostone
Low melt metals (mold life can be short)
Cement, Concrete


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